About me:

I fell in love with psychology at the age of 16 as I was desperate to understand the depression that I was suffering with. I went on to study Psychology with Clinical Psychology at university and later completed a Masters degree in the Psychology of Health & Wellbeing. I have worked as a therapist with children delivering a trauma-focused CBT programme, volunteered with Samaritans and worked with individuals with a wide range of mental health experiences in various settings over the last 6 years. I generally live to serve others by helping them overcome barriers, feel confident within themselves and enjoy life. 

Apart from psychology and self-development, other interests range from fashion/ styling to interior design, painting, Netflix binging and eating large amounts of sweets. Notwithstanding my job title and psychology degrees, I am by no means a perfectly mentally healthy individual. I am only human and am continuously learning to manage my own mental health. I wish to share all I have learnt to hopefully inspire someone else to better manage theirs. 

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