My Story:

I fell in love with psychology at the age of 16 as I was desperate to understand the depression that I was suffering with. Despite a brief interaction with CAMHS my mental health continued to impact my eating habits, relationships and self esteem for years to come and I spent over a decade feeling as though I did not deserve to be here and disliking everything about myself. I went on to study Psychology with Clinical Psychology at university and later completed a Masters degree in the Psychology of Health & Wellbeing with the dream of becoming a child therapist and helping young people that were experiencing similar difficulties to what I had. Essentially, I wanted to become the person I needed. 

After completing my masters I fell into the deepest depression i'd experienced yet and still lacked an understanding as to why I felt this way. I attempted to take my life which prompted me to finally seek private therapy (there was no time for the NHS waiting list, my life was in danger) where I uncovered some childhood trauma that has been deeply buried and my mind was protecting me from. With the support of a therapist I was able to process this trauma, re-build my self-esteem and overcome some very negative habits and behavioural patterns that were holding me back.

 I have worked as a therapist with traumatised children delivering a trauma-focused CBT programme, volunteered with Samaritans and worked with individuals with a wide range of mental health experiences in various settings over the last 7 years. I now work for an organisation as a Therapeutic Practitioner and I generally live to serve others by helping them overcome barriers, feel confident within themselves and enjoy life. One thing that's super important to me, is making therapy and mental health support accessible to everyone, especially those in financial difficulty. NHS has proven itself incapable of meeting the mental health demands in the UK and people are dying by suicide every day. This would have been me too if I wasn't blessed with a saviour who was willing to fund my recovery, because I couldn't afford therapy for myself. 

Apart from psychology and self-development, my other interests range from fashion/ styling to interior design, reading/writing, Netflix binging and eating large amounts of sweets and chocolate. Notwithstanding my job title and psychology degrees, I am by no means a perfectly mentally healthy individual. I am only human and am continuously learning to manage my own mental health. I wish to share all I have learnt to hopefully inspire someone else to better manage theirs. 

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