Sunday, April 17, 2022

44 Self Care Ideas

I almost feel as though the term ‘self-care’ has gotten a bad rep due to being somewhat commercialised; now, some may hear the term and roll their eyes thinking ‘how can a bubble bath improve my mental health?’. It isn’t just about bubble baths and face masks, it's about putting yourself first and taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual self so that you can show up in the best way possible. Here’s 44 ideas. The exact same way we're instructed to secure our own oxygen masks first on an airplane, the best way you can serve others is to prioritise yourself.

  1. Have a bubble bath lol 
  2. 24 hour social media detox 
  3. Have a lil dance 
  4. Listen to your favourite tunes 
  5. Watch your favourite feel good film 
  6. Walk in nature 
  7. Cancel a plan you’ve made that you didn’t really want to do
  8. Window shopping 
  9. Yoga 
  10. Turn your work phone off as soon as you finish work
  11. Turn off/ limit notifications on your phone
  12. Moisturise
  13. Journal about your thoughts/ feelings/ goals/ worries/ whatever 
  14. Mind-dump on paper to clear your head 
  15. Create a financial budget plan
  16. Have a nap
  17. Listen to a guided meditation 
  18. Bathe in the sun
  19. Give yourself a hug (not joking)
  20. Forgive yourself for past mistakes 
  21. Look in the mirror and point out 5 things you like about yourself 
  22. Look within yourself and point out 5 internal things you like about yourself
  23. Write a list of your achievements to date 
  24. Complete a task that’s been on your mind for ages
  25. Let someone you love know you’re grateful for them
  26. Light a scented candle or incense stick
  27. Tidy your space
  28. Set a healthy boundary i.e. saying no to overtime 
  29. Put fresh sheets on the bed (temporary self harm, long term self care)
  30. Look through old photographs that bring happy memories 
  31. Tell yourself “I am Worthy”
  32. Find the nearest dog/cat and stroke 
  33. Take one minute to do some deep breathing
  34. Paint / draw/ colour/ something creative!
  35. Give yourself a mani/pedi
  36. Coffee or drink with a friend/ loved one 
  37. Buy a new book you want to read 
  38. Do a jigsaw puzzle 
  39. Self/ spray tan
  40. Get a manicure/ pedicure
  41. Bake a cake/ tasty treat
  42. Cook/order your favourite comfort meal
  43. Book a massage 
  44. Weekend/overnight trip away 

Take care x


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