Sunday, February 19, 2023

Pamela Anderson's a G.

In a way this is another Netflix review ~ eye roll ~ but also in a way it’s more of a Pamela Anderson review so allow me. 

I wrote this after watching her new documentary ‘Love Story’ where she documents her career and co-existing relationships, also displaying the impact of the Disney series Pam and Tommy had on her being released without her consent. 

The first thing that stood out to me, naturally, was her traumatic childhood, which often seems to be the case with these super famous celebrities. No doubt Tommy also had a difficult childhood given the difficulties he presented with. Anyway, Pamela’s father was abusive towards her mother and Pamela went on to (so it seems) have difficulty finding a safe, loving lasting relationship of her own. What’s more, in some of those relationships she had, she was assaulted/ abused (some could say), and yet she showed absolutely no blame or anger towards her parents for the example that was set for her at a young age OR towards the men that harmed her. It was really interesting to me the way Pam told her love story with Tommy as somewhat of a fairytale and then casually dropped in at the end that he was also kinda controlling. I guess that’s kinda reflective of what’s it’s like to be in a relationship that’s not quite well-balanced and completely healthy. It seemed as though the two lovers had one of those relationships that was fuelled by passion and co-dependency - a situation that many of us can relate to. Though the love in such relationships can be so strong and feel so powerful, passion can easily be expressed with harmful behaviour too which is what ultimately led to Pam & Tommys demise. Despite that which she had been through, the minute he put her hands (or leg technically as he kicked her) on her, she was out. This is where I first thought you know what, Pamela’s a G. 

Her entire career it seems as though Pam has been used and taken advantage of (primarily by men, I will add), to make MONEY- and yet she has little wealth for herself. Playboy used her for sales and payed her inadequately.. her private tape was stolen and sold for profit .. society has continued to use her name for banter and to signify sex appeal when she is so much more than that and then Disney really took the piss making a whole series out of it, without asking. AND YET the woman still shows no sign of being bitter, resentful or even angry towards all of those people that have profited on her behalf. I really felt in this, Pamela has found peace as she recognises that holding onto anger and resentment will only pull you deeper and deeper into a negative space. Instead, she took the image that she had created and used it for good, to promote and raise money for animal welfare. 

What I rate so highly is how she refused to let any of this kill her passions or drive to help others. She took every misogynistic comment on the chin and chose to use her name for good. You could even say, she turned her pain into power and that is something I will always respect in a woman. 


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