Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Warm Welcome

Hello and WELCOME to Live Well with Mayowa :)

This blog/website will work as an expansion of my instagram page, featuring all things mental health & wellbeing related, and my journey to enlightenment as I attempt to become mentally, physically and spiritually well.

If you didn't know, this 'brand' (?) was inspired by my most recent bout of quite sever depression, whereby I felt as though I had reached an all time low, a.k.a rock bottom, and no longer wished to live this beautiful life. Thankfully, I received some absolutely necessary and life-saving help from professionals and beloved family and friends who pulled me from the depths of depression, and from here I was able to motivate myself to improve all aspects of life, so that hopefully I will not see the bottom of that rock again.

Rock bottom pushed me towards what I would consider a new stage of life whereby I made various changes, developed new habits, tried really really hard to get rid of old ones, tried new things etc etc. These elements are what I plan to write about. Because the more I spoke about my own mental health to others around me, the more I realised I am absolutely not the only person suffering with them. Thus, anything that may benefit me, could also benefit someone else and for this reason it is definitely worth sharing.

I hope you find something useful here.

Best wishes,

Mayowa x 


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