Sunday, April 12, 2020

"5 a day keeps the antidepressants away"

That’s the saying right? Anyway nevertheless at the big age of 25 I have finally come realise that this age old statement is in fact – true.

Of course, this post is not to say that eating fruit and veg will cure your depression forever because we know that it is much ore complex than this . However, at the end of the day i'm willing to try anything to maintain stable mental health and hold off what I like to call 'the black wave'. sacrificing my taste buds to endure spinach on a regular basis does not feel like too much of a price to pay.

Those that consume increased fruit and veg have lower incidences of depression and anxiety, greater happiness and life satisfaction. 

As you can see, small changes can make a difference - as little as one extra piece of fruit a day! push yourself a little further and introduce two! Why not, if it can boost your mental health?! (I'm asking myself this just as much as you). With this evidence in front of me, i'm eager to change the food I put into my body, and completely be free of the restricting ->bingeing cycle. So far,


Unfortunately, for some it's easier said than done to just start eating healthily, at least it is for me. Years of depleted self-esteem, a negative body image and an absolutely shite (unhealthy/toxic) relationship with food makes it difficult for me not to shove an entire sugar ring doughnut in my mouth the second I smell rejection. However, here are some tips I have found to help me exit the binge eating cycle and consume fruit and veg regularly.

  • Give yourself freedom and quit restricting! Labelling it as a 'diet' and communicating to yourself that certain foods are absolutely off limits will have the reverse desired affect - you'll want it more. If you adopt an 80/20 approach whereby you consciously choose to eat 'treats' but choose food that will contribute to your wellbeing the majority of the time, you're much more likely to succeed. 

  • Start small; start by having a healthy breakfast everyday. or Making the effort to snack on fruit rather than other things. Or ensuring 1/3 of your plate is vegetables every evening. As you can see, small changes can make a difference too.

  • Change your internal (AND external) dialogue: instead of thinking/saying "i can't eat that" think, "i could eat that but i'm choosing to eat something more nutritious right now".

  • Meal prep!!  - our cognitive functioning is limited when we're hungry, so you're not going to make the best decisions if you wait until you're hungry to decide what to make. Having the food pre-prepared removes that decision making and makes you less likely to reach for unhealthy fast food as a quick-fix for your hunger. 
- research link 

Here's a link to the research paper if you're interested in reading:


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