Tuesday, January 12, 2021

25 things I learnt by 25.

  1. You actually cannot do it alone 
  2. A mistake made is a lesson learned and knowledge gained 
  3. Your growth is limited in your comfort zone 
  4. Vulnerability is strength. When you’re feeling weak, you’re often acting with strength 
  5. Your relationship with yourself is the most important one of all 
  6. Mum usually is right (as annoying as it is)
  7. Eduction is valuable 
  8. Never ignore your gut instinct
  9. Protect your vibe 
  10. Marmite is shit in all forms 
  11. No amount of material items/ alcohol/drugs will bring you true happiness 
  12. Don’t be afraid to let people no longer serving your life go 
  13. Red flags stand out for a reason - don’t ignore them
  14. Stress is both physical and mental - it can make you act in mad ways
  15. You cannot change or ‘fix’ another, no matter how much of yourself you sacrifice
  16. The older you get the faster time goes
  17. Life is complex and hard, no matter what - you cannot avoid this. 
  18. Adults love coffee for a reason! 
  19. Dieting doesn’t work long term
  20. Being nice is good but, it is possible to be too nice
  21. Don’t be afraid to take risks 
  22. Perspective 
  23. Just wash up as you go along 
  24. Manners are free
  25. Look after yourself, every part of you! - your mind, body, spirit, hair, teeth etc :)

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