Saturday, March 13, 2021

The importance of Relaxation

In todays society, anxiety is rife and many are struggling with its distressing symptoms. Im talking racing thoughts, pacing hearts, overthinking, excessive sweating, trembling, rumination - not to mention many other symptoms of the condition such as enduring the day feeling as though there is a brick laying on your chest which is lovely and comfortable :) 

I believe there exists a stigma within society about meditative techniques and breath-work as 'hippy dippy' however, I recognise now as an anxiety sufferer and a therapist, how effective these techniques can be in managing those shitty symptoms. 

Emotions are powerful and described by psychologist as a runaway train - they occur within us at an alarming rate before our conscious mind has the chance to recognise and cope with them. We thus respond at times, before we have a chance to consider the logistics.  These responses may be debilitating emotionally, physically or socially as they interfere with our social interactions. 

The key here in my opinion is, two contrasting emotions cannot exist within you at the same time. Consider it, have you ever been super elated and depressed at the same time? One of the emotions usually takes priority. Equally, you cannot be anxious and relaxed at the same time. Therefore, if we master those relaxation techniques that reduce those physiological and psychological symptom, we can re-gain control and limit the impact on our daily living.   

Save this GIF onto your phone and utilise it if you feel like you're having an anxious moment. 


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