Monday, April 19, 2021

Overcoming Bad Body Image

I know full well that I am not alone when I say that I have been unhappy with my figure and have spent many hours scrolling through instagram, wishing someone else's figure upon me. If you relate to this, you are not alone either. Your body is the tool with which you experience the world and yet, as per societies priorities, many of us unfortunately internalise an 'ideal' body shape that we berate ourselves for not achieving.

Well fuck that, it's time to turn things around. 

Tips & Tricks 

  • Spend time naked with yourself - research actually shows that spending time with your naked body increases confidence. Get comfortable with yourself & get in yo birthday suit. 

Note: please only do this whilst alone or in the presence of consenting private (for legal reasons).

  • Talk to yourself like your best friend. If your closest friend was stood naked in front of you, would you point out and shame their stretch marks? Their cellulite? Would you grab their tummy and squeeze? No, I don't think you would,  (and if you would you're probably not the greatest mate) so please don't speak to yourself this way. 
  • Look directly in the mirror and say out loud "I love my body". If you do suffer with your body image, this may be uncomfortable, difficult and awkward. Thats the point. To take the exercise further, identify what you are grateful for in terms of your body i.e. "i'm so grateful these legs allowing me to run 5k"
Note: repeat this practise until the statement no longer makes you feel awkward. 
  • Remember that, although your body has always been with you, it is not all that you are. 
  • Wear only clothes that you feel comfortable in. There's nothing worse than your clothes giving you consistent reminders of what you feel insecure about. 
  • Find a way to move your body that you love. Movement allows you to connect with your body and, heart and mind whilst also promoting those happy hormones we all need. Viewing/ experiencing exercise as unenjoyable or punishing will negatively impact your relationship with your body.  
  • Stop weighing yourself. periodt. 


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