Sunday, April 11, 2021

Surviving the Black Wave

When I speak of the black wave I refer to the episodic periods of depression that re-occur from time to time. Sometimes, these periods are triggered by an event and next thing you know, you're struggling to stay afloat and breathe, overtaken by a black wave. Other times, there is no trigger and the wave comes from nowhere - making it even harder to recover from. 

9 times out of 10 we come out of such episodes intact, with new perceptions and knowledge about how difficult life can get, and how resilient we are as humans. Think about it, the last time you had a significant struggle, did you come out of it realising, ok so thats how you deal with that. Or perhaps you thought, 'I will never leave *insert task here* that long again' etc. If none of these things crossed your mind and in fact it was more just like 'thank fuck that's over', did you survive it? Yes you did and you will do so again the next time life throws a new challenge your way. 

But let me tell you, chaos is a natural part of life and acceptance of this in my experience, brings an extra sense of peace. What I choose to focus on is the tools that I have to manage those chaotic, difficult times so that I can come out of it even stronger. I can take in the new information learnt and develop myself, ready to continue this crazy life. 


  • Remind myself that this will pass 
  • Separate myself from some of the negative emotions i.e. rather than saying "i'm *insert your emotion here* "i'm experiencing *emotion* right now"
  • Connect with a loved one 
  • Self care, self care, self care (whether that be baths, reading, early nights, extra boundaries, airplane mode etc)

What are your survival techniques?

If you're currently going through it remember, you got this. 

M x 


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