Sunday, March 14, 2021


Brene brown pointed out that our struggles make us who we are.

Without depression, and being suicidal, I would not have had the inspiration to begin this blog, and share my experiences. I wouldn’t have received the messages I have from people, thanking me for my honesty, because now they feel less alone (I live for this). Without having had my heart shattered into a million pieces (like any other teenager), I wouldn’t have established a sense of self-worth that now enables me to have fulfilling healthy (mostly) relationships. Without introversion, I wouldn’t have explored my creativity and have found a wholesome hobby/ passion which brings me joy. Without disordered eating habits motivating me to educate myself on nutrition and eating behaviours, I wouldn’t have a healthy relationship with food, and would probably be stuck on the ever painful, dieting rollercoaster. Without these things, I wouldn’t now appreciate the small things like I do; the belly laughs with friends, fresh air in the woods walking with the dog, cosy wholesome self-care evenings alone, the joy I feel after bringing a smile to someones face.

Don’t fear the hard times ahead and try your best not to reject your previous difficulties, for without them you wouldn’t have developed the strengths and positive qualities that you have now.

Without my struggles, I would not be me.
And you wouldn’t be you without yours.

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